A Home Practice? What's That?

As much as I’d love it, unfortunately I’m not able to offer yoga classes every day of the week (maybe someday!) On days that the studio is closed — or when you just can’t make it to class — I encourage you to take a few minutes for some breath and gentle movement. Some suggestions:

When the alarm goes off in the morning, sit up in bed, close your eyes, and take five smooth breaths. There: you just meditated!

Crawl out of bed, and come down to the floor for a few rounds of cat-cow. Maybe add a few hip circles. If you are feeling really feisty, add thread the needle.

While you are brushing your teeth, take tree pose. Don't forget to do both sides!

When you are sitting at your desk at work or while in front of the computer at home, take the time to do a few of the simple neck stretches we do in class. Also, do a few side body stretches or even a seated twist.

Before you sit down in front of the tv or computer once you are home, get back down on the floor for hammock: bend your knees, feet wide apart and on the floor, and windshield wiper your legs back and forth.

Time for bed? Take legs up the headboard for a minute or two, placing one hand on your heart and the other on your abdomen. Notice your breath. When your head hits the pillow, take reclined butterfly. And as you drift off to sleep, return your attention to your breath and think of something you are grateful for with each smooth breath.

Happy Yoga-ing!