Yoga and Positive Thinking

I used to be one of those "glass is half-empty" people.  Didn't like surprises.  Never wanted to be disappointed.  Would rather expect the worse and possibly be pleasantly surprised if things turned out okay.  Pretty dismal way to live, huh?  Now, I didn't walk around with a huge gray cloud over my head:  I think most people would agree that I appeared to be a happy person.  But inside I was pretty darn pessimistic about most things.

Enter yoga.  Through a consistent physical practice, accompanied by frequent meditation (usually lastly only 2-10 minutes total), I have found a complete shift in my mindset.  I truly am enjoying the little things in life much more.  I do my best to remain in the present moment and not get anxious about the future.  I've learned that's it's more than okay to think positively and relish the good things that are going on (instead of always waiting for a shoe to drop.)  Being happy in the present moment doesn't mean that something bad has to happen next.  Oh, what a weight that has been lifted from my mind!

Now, this doesn't mean I never get sad or anxious or worried.  As a mom of four kids, this still happens quite often.  BUT I no longer feel these feelings IN ANTICIPATION of something that may or may not even happen!  And that, my friends, has been incredibly liberating.  

We only get one life, right?  I'm finally learning how to live it -- and ENJOY it.

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