Private Yoga Sessions

New to yoga? Practiced years ago but not sure what your body can do now? Dealing with persistent pain and your doctor recommends yoga?

Private sessions are the way to go!


It all started when…

Perhaps you are curious about yoga but not quite ready to step into a room with other students.

Perhaps you are finishing up a set of physical therapy sessions and your PT recommends that you keep moving by doing some yoga.

Perhaps you have been dealing with persistent knee or back or shoulder pain and are curious about how some yoga stretches might help.

Or perhaps you read an article that stressed the importance of strengthening your body — at every age. You aren’t looking to be a body-builder. You’d just like your shoulders and wrists and abdominals to be stronger.

In your 1:1 session, you will receive an entire hour of individualized attention based on what YOU want. Many people are familiar with the various yoga poses (e.g., tree pose or downward facing dog pose). But did you know that guided meditation and breathing exercises are ALSO types of yoga? Perhaps you would like to add one or both of these to your private session.

One-on-one sessions are a marvelous opportunity to get introduced to yoga if you are new — or make the most of your current practice if you practice regularly!

  • $80 for first session

  • $350 5-session package (good for six months)

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