Gentle yoga & movement for beginners, seniors, and those dealing with chronic pain.

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Customized sessions and personalized attention are hallmarks of this yoga studio. Jennie’s warmth, enthusiasm and expertise will keep you coming back.
— D.D.

I am passionate about making yoga enjoyable for those who didn’t think yoga was something they could ever do. Most of my students are dealing with chronic pain, are seniors, or are in larger bodies. I am a huge fan of utilizing blocks, blankets, straps, chairs — even the walls! — to ensure that each and every person who comes to the mat has an enjoyable and beneficial practice.

I meet each student where they are — whether it’s her first class or her 100th. Everyone who walks in the door can expect personalized attention in a group class or my undivided attention in a private session. My classes focus on breath work, gentle movement for good functional health, and slow stretching for tight areas and finicky joints.

Introducing the new front wall!

Introducing the new front wall!

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