Gentle, customized yoga for beginners, seniors, larger bodies, and anyone who just wants to breathe.

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Customized sessions and personalized attention are hallmarks of this yoga studio. Jennie’s warmth, enthusiasm and expertise will keep you coming back.
— D.D.

Yoga means union.  The type of yoga I practice and teach places particular emphasis on the union of breath and movement.  I am passionate about making yoga accessible to all — especially people who didn’t think yoga was accessible for them. Most of my students come with a variety of physical challenges, are seniors, or are in larger bodies. But if you are none of these, I can still make sure you have a challenging practice! I am a huge fan of utilizing blocks, blankets, straps, chairs — even the walls! — to ensure that each and every person who comes to the mat has an enjoyable and beneficial practice.

I am particularly passionate about gentle, yin, and restorative yoga, as well as yoga nidra.  I am certified to teach vinyasa/power yoga , yin yoga and restorative yoga.